The Sir Lewis Ritchie Report


So what is the Sir Lewis Ritchie Report... and what does it mean for us here on North Skye & Raasay?? 

Sir Lewis Ritchie has carried out an independent review of the sustainability of Out of Hours services in Skye, Lochalsh and South West Ross, particularly in North Skye, Raasay and Glenelg.


The Report from this review sets out recommendations for improvement of these, and related, services. NHS Highland have accepted the findings of the report, and an implementation project in now in hand. 

Our Community Representatives who lead on the Sir Lewis Ritchie Workstreams

Workstream -
Urgent Care
Ross Cowie
Workstream -
Fay Thomson
Workstream -
Transport & Access
Neil Campbell & Caroline Gould
Workstream -
Pulling Together
Catriona MacDonald
Workstream -
Centre of Excellence
Ronald MacDonald
Workstream -
Anne Gillies
Workstream -
Neil Ferguson
Workstream -
Digital Innovation
Ruaridh MacKinnon
Workstream -
First Responders
Neil Campbell

Updates from our community leads on the Sir Lewis Reccomendations which they have been working on...

Raasay has resident nurses once again!

4 nurses are now in place on Raasay, thankfully having arrived before Covid.  They started overnight on-call at the beginning of April and have made an enormous difference to the community – both to those who they see regularly and also to those who are aware that they’re close at hand any time their services are needed.  This arrangement gives continuity and resilience to a level impossible to achieve with non-resident nurses and is very much appreciated.  With lockdown in place shortly after they arrived, it was difficult to give them the welcome we would have liked but they are gradually getting to know who’s who in the place and are integrating seamlessly.  We are grateful to all those, on Raasay, Skye and beyond, who helped make this happen.